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hmmm...now where on earth did you get that book?

Love that quote, and I agree wholeheartedly. However, let me point out that this seems to apply better to men's shoes than to women's shoes. No matter how well done, women's shoes never seem to reach the level of sturdiness men's shoes do, that, is, without becoming ugly and unfeminine. Still, it's a philosophy worth adopting.

Words of wisdom indeed. I remeber when i was a kid in the early to mid 70's my father going to Tom McCahnes, a popular shoe store chain to buy me wallabees for 20-25 dollars. They usally lasted about 2.5 years, Good old sneakers they would last about 3 momths.
The funny thing is the chain is all but a distan memory and Wallabees are only sold in malls at high end shoe stores from $l25.00 t0 $150.00. Thats about what 20 dollars was worth in the fabulous 70's

I loveeee that quote and so true.


worth in the fabulous 70's

He has really explained the philosophy of life in a very simple way. What life is and the way he compared the good pair of shoes with the stock market, Awesome way of explanation.

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Sociology can teach us how to be more open minded about issues going on in the world today. It shows us and attempts to teach us how to live in the “what if” moment and not always have the attitude of “oh it wont happen to me.” Sociology also teaches us how to look past the different cultures other than our own to see how humans are affected by a disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

He said, it's better to buy one good pair of shoes than four cheap ones. One pair made of fine leather could outlast four inferior pairs and, if well cared for, would continue to proclaim your good judgement and taste no matter how old they become.

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